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Pax Moly-Anti Cellulite Coffee Body Scrub

৳ 1,000
  • Anti Cellulite Coffee Body Scrub
  • Brand: Paxmoly
  • Origin: Korea
NO NEED TO GO TO SPA! Doing it at home is better! ✔Removes cellulite within few weeks ✔It helps tighten skin ✔Stimulate blood circulation ✔Radiant Glowing Complexion ✔Rid of dead skin cells ✔Boost body's natural process to develop new skin cells Sales Focus A mild and gentle body scrub formulated with coffee bean and apricot seed extracts that work effectively as exfoliate & reduces cellulite! HOW TO USE Apply a generous amount of coffee body scrub and gently massage onto the skin in a circular motion. Then rinse thoroughly. #NightCream#Sunscreen#SunBlock#EyeCream#HandCream#FootCream#SheetMask#Pores#SkinBreakout#Acne